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Data Loss Risk Evaluation


What kind of data resides on your computers?

Occasional letters and reports (+1)
Client/patient records (+5)
Accounting and financial record keeping (+10)
Extremely critical business data (+20)

Assuming all your data is lost,  how long would it take one person to re-enter it manually from paper-based records?

1 Week (+1)
4 Weeks (+3)
6 Months (+5)
1 Year or more(+10)

Do you have paper records (to use in the event of total computer data loss?

Yes (-10)
No (+10)

How frequently is a full backup performed?

Daily (-5)
Weekly (0)
Monthly (+5)
Yearly (+10)

How does backup of your system occur?

Automatically (-5)
Manually, by a trained person (+1)
Other (+5)

For how long are old copies of your data retained?

We use the same tape/disk everyday (+10)
One Week (+5)
One Month (+3)
One Year (-5)

We verify backup tapes or disks:

Every time a backup is done (-5)
Periodically (+5)
Never (+10)

We re-evaluate the effectiveness of our backup strategy:

Weekly (-5)
Monthly (-1)
Yearly (+5)
Never (+10)

We store our backup tapes/disks:

Off-site secure data storage vault (-20)
At home (-5)
At the office (+10)
Next to the computer (+20)
We don't do backups (+50)

People who have access to our computers include: (check all that apply)

Trusted, computer-skilled employees (-5)
People with no computer training (+3)
Unskilled employees (+5)
Employees who will soon quit (+10)

Which of the following are true? (Check all that apply)

We occasionally install non-company software (+3)
Borrow software from friends (+5)
Access your computers by modem/internet connection (+4)

Total number of computers you own:

1 (+0)
2-10 (+7)
11-20 (+10)
Over 20 (+20)

Are your computers connected by means of a network?

Yes (+20)
No (+0)


The table below will help you to estimate your risk.

Less than 10 Quite Low Risk
You either have very little important data, or your backup methods are satisfactory. You can relax and keep on doing what you have been doing.
10 - 19 Slight Risk
If you were to experience a non-catastrophic loss, you would be able to recover from it, although you would suffer the inconvenience of having to manually re-enter much of your data. The Safe Data Zone would certainly assist in making any recovery much easier.
20 - 35 Moderate Risk
A loss of data from your hard drive may not be recoverable. Your backup plan is not good enough and you are at risk of losing data which may be critical to the operation of your business.
36 - 50 High Risk
Any major data loss would be catastrophic, and would probably not be recoverable. Your business is at risk of failure if you lose data. The Safe Data Zone is highly recommended.
Over 50 Extremely High Risk
Your backup plan isn't protecting your data. You could experience an unrecoverable catastrophic data loss at any time which could cause your business to fail. We strongly recommend that you contact us, and consider the Safe Data Zone as your solution.




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