Remote Monitoring


When it comes to your business, staying on top of technology is vital to ensuring profitability and continued growth.  After investing so much in your technology systems, the last thing any company wants is to incur an IT problem that brings your operations to a crashing halt.  MSI's Remote Network Monitoring gives you peace of mind that your critical network devices are secure and running smoothly.


We provide you with access to unlimited IT support.  Our team will privde you with exceptional and unlimited IT services that make us one of the best in the industry. 


Are you tired of the if it breaks, we will fix it solution providers?


Remote Network Monitoring is the proactive solution that can prevent costly network downtime. By monitoring your network, MSI can identify a network emergency the moment it happens. MSI can also identify early signs of trouble and take actions to prevent problems before they occur. Your servers are running 24 hours a day and you can put your mind at ease knowing someone is keeping an eye on them.


Are you currently aware of your server going offline at 3am?


Most business are not aware that their network devices are offline until they arrive at the office the next business morning.  Then they scramble to get their systems fixed.  With MSI's Remote Network Monitoring, we will instantly know when problems arise and can begin working on them immediately, minimizing downtime and the related costs.  Remote Network Monitoring teamed with our on-site emergency support agreement is the perfect solution for any size network.



We offer:


Unlimited On-Site and Telephone Support

Computer Support

Preventative Server Maintenance

Proactive Network Monitoring

Security and Virus Administration

Firewall Management

VPN Management

Patch Management

Event Log Monitoring

VOIP Gateway Monitoring

VOIP Software Upgrades

Remote Backup Management

Rapid Response Times







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